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At the heart of Project Intelligence is a database of construction and civil engineering projects and companies actively specifying and building. The database growsMRD expects to track and monitor every planning application in Sri Lanka and review other sources of intelligence. Using the largest team of professional researchers of its kind the data is verified by key decision-makers, making sure we gather the information you need.

So if being in touch with people that need your products or services is important, but being in touch with them at the right time is even more so, then Project Intelligence will give you the edge.

Use Project Intelligence to keep in touch with every aspect of the construction industry, a powerful search engine allows you to select the most suitable business leads for your company. As soon as our researchers are told what is happening on a project you will know within 24 hours making sure nothing slips through the net!

There's something of a revolution going on at MRD and it's going to be an exciting journey ahead, we would like you to join us.

As businesses become more switched on to the need for information, whether to guide strategic and forecast decisions or to plan effective marketing campaigns, MRD Direct is able to offer solutions ad-hoc queries, targeted mailing lists and provide one off reports vital to your company's development.


This is no ordinary list - changing day by day up and homeowners are added as their spending plans are uncovered. Our research can identify hot prospects as they make important purchasing decisions related to the improvements to their homes. By integrating this unique database into your marketing plans you will be targeting homeowners who are about to extend and spend.

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