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As the construction industry becomes even more competitive and the cost of tendering for projects becomes increasingly high, it becomes ever more important that your organization is fully armed with all the data available during the tendering process.

MRD reports on the Sri Lankan construction industry, tracking schemes from the earliest planning stage, through the tender process and on to the start of site operations. Our team of desk researchers are speaking with contractors every day to gain an insight into the tendering process. MRD's new Contractors Forum has been designed make this process more efficient.

As a contractor you are invited to use this resource to record information on projects which your organization are currently pricing. After entering a few basic project details, site, client, architect, type of development etc., you will receive, by E-mail, regular updates on that project, as new information becomes available such as other companies tendering, winning contractor.

The service can also be used to access the vast MRD database of live construction projects and developers, designers and specifies and to request information on projects which may be going out to tender in the near future.