4.1 General

Suitable action shall be taken to eliminate any pollution created as a result of the factory process, use of boilers, discharge of wastes, effluents etc.
Suitable action shall be taken to submit a flow sheet showing the various steps of the production processes in broad outline indicating the points of origin of liquid and solid wastes.

4.2 Effluents

Effluents shall conform to the suggested tolerance limits for effluents discharged into the common sewer, a copy of which may be obtained from the Environment Department of the Board. Intended in-house treatment facilities to treat the effluents to conform to the above standards shall be outlined and detailed drawings of these shall be submitted to the Board.

Effluents shall be collected into a leakproof storage tank the capacity of which would be adequate to hold at least one half day's effluent generated from the production process before discharging to the common sewer.

4.3 Noise

Due consideration shall be given to install noise generating machinery on resilient foundations to reduce the vibration and noise generated by them. In addition they may be enclosed using suitable material to isolate the machinery so as to reduce the spread of noise to adjoining areas.

4.4 Smoke Emission

Details of civil engineering aspects, location/s, intended heights of location/s, intended heights of chimney/stacks for the boiler/s furnaces using fossil fuels, and the quantities of fuel to be used shall be forwarded to the Board

4.5 Solid Waste Disposal

Suitable bins shall be constructed or provided for the collection of Solid waste until such time they are removed to the BOI dump yard periodically.

4.6 Dust, Fumes & Vapour

Provision should be made for local exhaust ventilation system for the removal of any dust, fumes or vapour produced during any process in the factory.

4.7 Miscellaneous

In premises where there is oil spillage, such areas should be cemented and provided with drains and oil traps.


Source: Board of Investment (BOI) , Sri Lanka
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