5.1 General

Adequate precautions should be taken to minimize the risk of fire within and outside the factory buildings.

5.2 Fire Gap

No building or other structure including any projection shall be built within a distance of 20 ft. from any of the boundary walls except with the prior approval of the Board. This passage shall be motorable right round.

5.3 Fire Extinguishers

Within the factory building, an adequate number of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment shall be made available. In this regard, the Chief Fire Officer of the Fire Department of the Colombo Municipal council or any other specialist agency may be consulted.

5.4 Fire Escape

The factory buildings should have an adequate number of fire escape/exits. All doors of the factory building should open outwards.

5.5 Handling & Storing of Explosives

Where explosives and inflammable dust, gas or vapour substances are involved, adequate precautions should be taken, under expert advice, regarding their storage and handling.


Source: Board of Investment (BOI) , Sri Lanka
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