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Certified Drawings

The overall design and the preparation of plans should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified Consultant. Civil engineering drawings should be signed by a Chartered / Civil / Structural Engineer or Chartered Architect. Electrical and Mechanical drawings should also be signed by a Chartered Electrical Engineer/Chartered Mechanical Engineer. The name, address and qualifications of the Engineer / Architect should be indicated in the plan.

Plans and specifications of all buildings and other civil structures, mechanical and electrical installations should be submitted to the Engineering Services Department for approval .before construction activity commences.

Layout Plan - to be submitted in 5 copies.

This plan should indicate the areas allocated for production activities, stores, canteen and the areas earmarked for services such as cleaning, washing etc.

Service Plan - to be submitted in 5 copies.

This plan should indicate the position of sewers, water lines, surface drains, sump and overhead tank, water taps, location of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers, parking areas, and the location of boilers, if any. Structures required for effluent treatment may also be included in this plan.

Note - surface water drains should not be connected to the sewer system.

Structural Drawings - Single copy.

Electrical Drawings - to be submitted in 3 copies.

This should indicate the proposed wiring of the building, electrical circuits, location of switch gear and their ratings, conduits, cables, sizes of conductors etc.

Mechanical Drawings - to be submitted in 3 copies.

3 sets of mechanical layout drawings indicating the locations of the machines, their names and horse power rating, the location of the boilers / high pressure vessels, position of the safety valves etc. should be submitted.

Other Drawings - if any may be submitted in 3 copies.

Commencement of work

No work should be commenced at the site without the approval of the Director (Eng. Appr.).

Construction of Buildings

All buildings shall be constructed according to the plans approved by the BOI Prior approval of the Director (Eng. Appr.) shall be obtained if any construction activity other than what is indicated in the approved plan is to be carried out. For this purpose a set of plans (three copies) indicating the modification(s) to be effected shall be forwarded to the Director (Eng. Appr.).

During the construction phase the Enterprise shall make necessary arrangements in consultation with the Investor Services Department of the BOI to obtain the ancillary services such as electricity, telephone, telex, water supply etc.,

When construction activities are nearing conpletion it must be brought to the notice of the Director (Eng. Appr.) requesting an inspection indicating the expected date of completion of the construction activities.

Certificate of Conformity

Upon request by the Enterprises, the Director (Eng. Appr.) will make arrangements for officers from the BOI to inspect the building to check whether the constructions have been carried out in conformity with the approved plans; fans, extractor fans have been completed lockers for the workers provided and certificates for pressure vessles, if any, obtained. If satisfied, the Certificate of Conformity which will be needed for obtaining the Letter of Authority for allowing commercial exports would be issued.


Source: Board of Investment (BOI) , Sri Lanka
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