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City of Colombo Development Plan
Volume II
Volume I
Form "C"
Specification to Lots
Table of Contents
Submission of Plans for Approval of Land Sub-Divisions and Buildings
Submission of Plan for approval
Preliminary Planning -Clearance
Plans for additions and alterations
Non acceptance of plans
Scales of plans
Particulars to be on plans, Site Plan & Sub-division plans
Floor Plan
Other details
Colouring of plans specifications of material used in building works
Installation or extension or alteration of any air conditioning mechanical ventilation or fire
protection systen

Structural details and calculation
Approval of Plans
Disapproval of the plans
Duties of persons preparing or submitting plans, carrying out building works and obtaining certificates of conformity for the occupation of buildings & other development activities
  Duties of qualified person employed or engaged to prepare the plans or to supervise building
work & other development activities

Change of qualified Person
Offenses by qualified person
Duties of owner or occupier prior to the commencment of work
Duties of owner or occupier to the occupation of completed building
Certificate of conformity for occupation
Inspections by the authority
Licence for the temporary occupation of the building
Contents and display of certificate of conformity for the occupation of Building
Offenses after completion of building work

Unauthorized occupation & use of any building or any lot
Public building Certificate
Responsibility for safety
Offenses in the use of a public building
Planning Regulations
  Sub-division of land
Splaying of street corners
Street line & Building Line
Parking and Traffic Control
Specification as to lots
Development Guide Plan (DGP)
Clearance from electric lines
Building Regulations
  Open spaces to be provided
Boundary Clearance
Overhangs and other sun-shading devices for buildings
Rear space
Irregular Shape
Width of footway required to be provided
Access from a Street
Splayed corners
Splayed corners
Projection beyond street, road-widening line etc
Space inside Buildings
  Minimum width of buildings
Height of building
Minimum area of rooms in residential buildings
Minimum dimension of lavatories, water closets and bathrooms
Height of rooms in residential buildings
Resort buildings
Other buildings
Clear height of car parking areas
Minimum height of covered footways
Light and Ventilation

Provision of lighting and ventilation
Location of sources of natural light and ventilation
Sources of natural light and ventilation may open upon a balcony, verandah or porch
Sources of natural light and ventilation
Rooms for residential purposes
Rooms for business purposes, etc.
Storces, garages, etc in residential buildings.
Water closets toilets and bathrooms
Staircase, corridors and lobby
Factories, warehouses and godowns
Terrace Houses
Adjoining rooms
Natural light and ventilation for basement rooms
Provision of a air well for the purpose of natural light, and ventilation court yard
Provision of facilities for disabled persons
Provisions for approval of "Prescribed Projects" under the Environmental Act.
Fire Safety

Mechanical Ventilation and Air - Conditioning
  Natural light and ventilation requirements may be waived or modified
Mechanical ventilation for a residential room
Other rooms requiring to be mechanically ventilated
Plans for air-conditioning or other ventilation system
  Water Supply & Sewerage
Sanitary Convenience
Waste disposal
Electrical and plumbing work
Schedules & Annexures
  Schedule I
  Schedule II
Safety standards for building accessible and useable for disabled - (Regulation 59)
  Schedule III Parking & Traffic Control - ( Regulation 34)
  Annexure 1 of Schedule III
  Annexure II of Schedule III (Parking Requirements)
 Schedule IV
Standard provision of sanitary facilities - (Regulation 65)

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