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Before you start looking for land, or before you do any thing, clarify your needs. What do you really want? If you are a working family, and if you think you and your family deserves a good weekend in the countryside, you may need a holiday bungalow. But if you are a working bachelor who wants to settle down in Colombo, you may need a medium family living house. Similarly if you were an unmarried artist you would prefer a studio type house in the countryside.

Following pages will facilitate you in deciding the type of house you want.

Weekend Stay
If you think you deserve a calm weekend go for a weekend stay house in a remote area. You could preferably select a land for this house, which is near a water body, rock, vegetation etc.

A weekend stay house should have a good garden. The house needs not to be a very large place. This would be quite relaxing for townies.

Holiday Bungalow
This is a more sophisticated version of the weekend stay house. A holiday bungalow, when compared with a weekend stay house is large and is equipped with almost all the facilities. This would preferably be located in a leisurely area. It would have a number of terraces with areas over looking a panoramic view.

Medium Family Living
This is the common type of house that suits a working family, which consists of 3-4 members. A small family house will have two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, kitchen and bathroom. These houses could be custom designed to suit almost any type of a house. In addition, these could be constructed low cost.

Studio Type House
A studio type house suits an artist or an architect etc. unmarried, or a two-member family. It is usually more open- plan like building with a lot of multi- use spaces.

Usually apartments are found in dense urban situations; and they usually are multi-story buildings. If you are a very busy man who needs to be in touch of your work place 24 hours a day, an apartment could be ideal for you. An apartment could be expensive than any other house type when their floor areas are compared.

An apartment will usually have tow or three bedrooms, a living room, a pantry and a bedroom. You may have to share parking, pools etc with your neighbors. In addition, there will be some common facilities such as security, pubs, leisure areas etc.

If you are buying or apartment you will have to pay a maintenance fee in addition to ordinary monthly bills.

Buying an Apartments

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