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The eating place must be close to kitchen. The chairs must be comfortable for any type of eating. The table surface should be durable for the inevitable fall-out from the family meal.

The following list will help you to find out exactly what you want.

01. Are you happy eating in the kitchen?

02. Do you enjoy having guests in for meals?

03. When you entertain, do you like to be seen attending to dishes or do you prefer having the paraphernalia of cooking out of sight.

04. Do you and your family and friends enjoy long leisurely meals with a lot of conversation?

05. If you entertain business associates, do you take them to restaurants or do you feed them at home?

06. Does the family assemble for meals or do members fend for themselves?

Selecting Table and Chairs Low-Level Eating
Selecting a Dinning Table Formal Dinning Room
Serving Decoration

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