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The living room in your house could be a private as well as a public place. It must be a place where you can relax whilst you might also want the room to reflect your tastes and personality.

Positioning your furniture within the living room must be done in such a manner so that they respond to each other and also to the lighting condition etc. If there are children they may need a good area of floor space to play around, although they should not be able to get at dangerous or breakable objects.

Seating arrangements in any case need to be flexible so that varying numbers of people can be accommodated without making small groups seem lost or large ones squashed up together.

Though the sitting area is the first consideration most living rooms are nowadays expected to house other activities. Secondary uses must be thought out carefully so that the various inhabitants can go about their business without disturbing each other.

Here is a checklist for you to relate activities to furniture and equipment. Add any of your possible activities and extra furniture and go on from there.

Activities Furniture Equipment
Sitting Sofas Books
Talking Chairs Magazines
Porting Tables Record Players and Records
Watching TV Desk Tapes
Studying Music Stand Meriting things
Writing   Objects
Listening to Music   Collections
Playing Cords   Telephone
Eating   Ashtrays

Zoning & Traffic
Detail Planning
Construction Methods

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