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Urban Areas

Areas such as Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya, Fort, Maradana, Rajagiriya falls into this category. These areas as it is clearly seen, are very tight, compacted and congested. In such areas the land value is very high. Generally it is above Rs.300,000/= per perch.

Such areas in modern sociology are normally referred to as urban villages. Although they are high urban situations, their tenants get together, form societies and create a social life. Therefore they are not as isolated as urban situations in the west.

If you really are a busy man, and if you want to be in hand's distance from your place of work, select one of these areas. In these areas infrastructure is the best in Sri Lnaka. However, construction in such areas is highly regulated by bodies such as the urban development authority.

Sub Urban Areas

In these areas lands are not as expensive as n the urban areas. But these areas also have good infrastructure facilities. Generally, in these areas the land value would be 30,000/= to 50,000/= rupees per perch. Sub urban centers such as Horana, Gampaha, Panadura belongs to this category.

These areas are not very tight in setting. In addition if you are going to buy a land from these areas you will gain a very good neighborhood. If you are a middle class working man this is the setting that is meant for you.


In such areas large plots of land are available. The air is fresh, the water is sweet and your neighbors are friendly

If you are a working man who prefers to be at a calm and quiet area go for areas such as Mirigama, which falls in to this category. In addition to the benefits of being at a village setting the cost of living in the areas is relatively low.

If you are looking for a land to farm or to plant go for areas such as Dambulla. In such areas land value is low and they are available in plenty.

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