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Address/Location of the property
Owner's Name  
Realtor's Name  
Phone (W)
Size of Property  
Date property put on market  
Asking Price  
What are the land taxes?
Are these likely to increase?
Zoning of neighboring properties
Are there any special provisions or codes that could prevent you from building what you want?
If so, is it possible to get a variance?
What are the setback restrictions?
Are there any easements on the property?
If so, where?
Do these easements restrict your building site?
Will you need any easements for roads or utilities in order to access or build on your land?
If so, are they possible to obtain?(Make any purchase agreement contingent on obtaining these easements)
Is the property in a flood zone?
If so, what are the building restrictions?
Is the title free and without liens or complications?
If no, what is the nature of the complications and can they be cleared?
Name of Title Company
Contact person  
Results of preliminary title report
Are the values of the neighboring land and houses comparable or higher than your planned project?
Are any improvements, road construction, developments or other construction projects planned for this area?(Consult local planning office)
If so are the landowners expected to pay a portion of the cost?
Are there any special restrictions due to fire regulations?
Is fire insurance available? (Mortgage companies require this)
Is there a homeowner's association and if so do you have any restrictions?
If so, what?
Are there membership fees?
Is there a local authority/ architectural review board that will need to approve your design?
If so, what are their requirements?
Are there covenants?
Do you have a copy of them?
Can the property be subdivided?
If so, what are the regulations?
Is there any possibility that the subdivision law could change and if so, how would it effect your plans for the land?
Who owns the neighboring properties and what are their plans for their land?
Are there any improvements on the land? (Well, roads, utilities, septic, buildings, etc.)
Who will maintain your access road?
Any fees to do so?
Are there any special uses for the road (transport of hazardous materials)?
Is refuse pick up available?
Is there a cost?
Is newspaper delivery available?
How and where is mail delivered?
Is the property on a flight pattern from the local airport?
How much will it cost to bring electricity to the property?
Is underground electrical service available?
Is it available?
How much will it cost to bring it to the property?
How much will it cost to bring a telephone line to the property?
How long will it take once ordered?
What are the soil conditions?
Are there any special insect conditions on the property? (Termites)
Have there been burglaries in the area?
Will it be necessary to drill a well?
If so how deep are other wells in the area?
Have there been any problems with water availability or quality in that area?
Is a septic system necessary?
If so are there any restrictions as to the type of system used?
What is the cost of installing the necessary system?
Features about property that you like
Features about property you don't like

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