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Before you start on your new custom home the first, and probably most time consuming, project is to locate and purchase your property. Until you have chosen your site, you will not know your lot's topography, direction of access or location of views and obstructions. In order to design your home right, you must first know your site. This will ensure that your home fits your site as well as your budget and your lifestyle.

The following is a worksheet you can use to evaluate the sites you are considering.

When looking at various pieces of property it's important to consider these three issues.

1. Is the site workable for your project?

2. What is the solar exposure to the building site? With rising utility costs, we feel it's important to have property that allows you to site your house to avoid heat from the sun and attract natural light to your home.

3. Does this piece of property appeal to you?

It's important to have looked at enough plots to feel confident that the plot you are choosing is the best one for you. Once you have located the plot that you want to buy, we suggest you negotiate a price with the seller and sign a purchase agreement WITH a contingency. If the final purchase is contingent upon your approval of the preliminary title report, for example, you would then have the legal option to cancel the sale for any reason without explanation after reviewing the title report. This would allow you time to check out the property carefully and to make sure it will meet your needs. If the seller is not interested in allowing you a contingency, there may be something s/he doesn't want you to know.

The following worksheet will guide you when choosing property. We hope that it gives you the information so that you feel confident in your ultimate choice of land.

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