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Subsurface water and high water table problems might not be readily visible but could create problems during construction or after the house is finished. Subsurface water problems appear after a prolonged rainfall. Ask the neighbors if they have wet basement problems after heavy rains.

High water tables result from nearby streams, drainage or shallow rock formation. You can check the underground water level by having a hole dug at the building site. The depth of the hole should be equal to the depth of a basement. If you encounter wet soil, keep the hole open for a few days until the water level stabilizes. If the water level is high, you know that you have to raise the level of the house, do without a basement or look for another lot

Porosity of soil for septic tanks
The function of a septic tank is a complicated process, which is directly related to the porosity of the soil. The water collected in the septic tank is absorbed by the porous soil to let the septic tank function well. If your soil is not porous enough, the absorption process will not take place properly. Therefore before buying land ensure that the soil is porous enough for a septic tank to function properly or else you may have to deviate from the conventional Septic Tank design. You can ensure this through a soil percolation test.

Richness of the Soil for Landscaping
After occupation of your home you always will try to landscape your garden, at which time the richness of the soil becomes an important factor. The soil should contain water, air, minerals, and compost particles, necessary for the plants to grow. If the soil is not rich enough you might have to add minerals, carbon, and additional nutrients. The growth of vegetation will be a good indicator for the richness of the soil.

Well Digging requirements

If the soil is too sandy or loose it would be difficult to dig a well, as the shores may tend to collapse. Therefore look for a soil that is relatively harder. If it is possible, check for the water levels of the wells of adjoining lands. If the condition of the adjoining wells are acceptable it is possible that your well will also have satisfying level of water. Further, the level of water also would be a criterion in deciding on the type of foundation most suited to your building.

Soil Erosion and Earth Slips
If your land is situated in a steep slope, and if the soil is loose and also the vegetation is thin, the soil may tend to slip. Avoid such areas. Even if it doesn't slip, soil erosion may become a severe problem and pose a danger to life and property.

Surface Water Draining Pattern

When you check for the suitability of your land try to identify the surface water-draining pattern. Always try to select a land that has a surface water-draining pattern that does not allow rainwater to collect in your land.
Think about the elevation of the future building site in relation to surrounding areas. If it is relatively high, it is an indication that rainwater will flow away from the lot, which is good. If it is relatively low, it indicates that rainwater from the surrounding area overflows into the lot, which could cause basement or ponding problems in the future.

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