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Before the First Nail

By the time you're ready to begin construction - we hope you've already learned a lot about the process from your builder or the architect. If you don't feel like you know what to expect - then ask for a meeting with your architect, builder, or the superintendent who will actually build your home - and ask for more information.

While this information should make you more at ease with the process, and prepare you for what to expect at each stage of construction - don't expect to become a building inspector for your home. On the other hand - it doesn't hurt to have a tape measure handy when you visit the site, and keep your eyes open.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the process or progress of your home. And if something doesn't "feel" right, then follow your instincts and ask about it. Just remember, you are seeing every stage of the project, and sometimes things that are not quite complete, look like mistakes. It is advisable at this stage to consult your architect for more information.

If you see something that looks like it's wrong, or out of place - ask about it without accusing your builder of missing something - chances are they know about it and are in the process of correcting or completing it.

And if you have any reservations about how you and your builder are communicating - now is the time to deal with them. It's hard enough to maintain communication during construction, let alone correct communication problems. So if you don't feel "heard" by your builder now - better try to clear it up before the nails start flying.

How long will it take to build?

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