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Land Form

The shape of the ground is the foundation of all landscapes. Equally, Landform is the basis of most of the great gardens of the world. Most of the classic gardens illustrate certain simple laws of manipulating landform, which are applicable to every size & style of garden.

A valley tends to attract your eye and leads the eye long itself. If there are vistas by valley, this effect will be emphasized. If you don't want this effect you can arrest the eye and lead it back to the center of the valley by placing something slender; such as a sculpture. By doing this you are adding a great importance to the sculpture.

There are many things, which you can do with your garden. For example you can create an artificial hill. Anything placed on the top of this hill will gain great importance.

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Or you can even create an artificial lake in your land. It is practically necessary to be able to handle contours when artificial lakes are made. As a whole it can be stated that any change in land should be welcome as creative opportunities.

In working out the composition of ground from a small scale a plastic model is helpful. Clay can be laid down to existing ground levels & then formed in to the desired composition. In judging your landscape idea the model must always be locked at from the correct eye level, otherwise the usual fault will be made of exaggerating the steepness of the slopes; which appear flat when looked at from above. It is even possible to survey the model and transpose the correct level to the actual ground site.

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