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If you want a fresh look with draw curtains try with new colours and fabrics and a slight change of style. Window dressing is somewhat similar to picture framing for attractive views......

Fixed flat across the top of the window and drawn to one side with a diagonal drawstring a single curtain is a fresh modern style. In this type bold patterns are better than stripes, kept the look casual. Better to hang from a decorator rod.

This treatment is suited for long windows and French doors that open out words. Better to extend the decorator pole over the wall on one side to accommodate the drape. It should be tied back with a braided cord to keep it out of the way.

With this arrangement, use a plain coloured drape. A fancy rod suits.
An inexpensive wooden pole will do as well. If you plan to do with a plain coloured drape finish it off with a little trimming or short fringe on the edges.

In this type of arrangement you can frame the top and sides of thewindow with cornice boards covered in drapery fabric. For this a heavy material is needed. For an upholstered look boards can be padded with foam rubber.

This arrangement is suitable for bathrooms. Suitable material is all cotton terry cloth towels. Wash the new towels before sewing to allow for shrinkage.
The pelment is flat and gathered onto an ordinary double
rod. Trim the curtain with lace.

This treatment works nicely on French doors. The curtain rod should be well above the door frame and should be tied back with the first Set of bows at the door top. If you don't like bows try hooks.
Tie back the panels ¼, the distance from the top. Then blouse the mid section. Place the next set of bows 1/3, the distance from the bottom.
You will have this swishy new look.

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