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Wallpapers cover a vast range of colours, patterns and textures in paper. Most of them come in standard rolls of 21 in/533 mm x 11 yd/10 mm. Allow 5% in length either way. Hand printed wallpapers need trimming. Each type of wallpaper demands a specific adhesive. Some wallpapers are available with an adhesive on its back. You should simply wet the paper and the adhesive will be activated.

Hand printed

These are done with the help of blocks or screens, and are sharper than machine made wallpaper. Hand printed wallpapers are fairly expensive.

This has a transparent plastic coating. Suitable for bathrooms etc. This could be washed. Use soapy water not detergents or abrasives.

With these look for simple geometric or plain textures. These should be hung on a previously lined wall with a thick paste to prevent stretching.

Marble paper

This is a type of wallpaper, on which marble patterns are printed. Marble paper is an expensive option. The marbling is not a regular repeat as in the printed version.

Lining paper

This helps to give you a first class finish. Lining paper is a thin under paper. The heavier will the paper be the better will it hides cracks or damages on the wall. It should be hung horizontally and butt-jointed. Pitch coated lining paper can be used on damp walls.

Ceiling paper
A paper may be the only way to cover a ghastly ceiling. Where lining paper is too thin to hide the defects plain embossed paper is often used.

Vinyl wall coverings

Tough and waterproof. Made from PVC with a paper of fabric backing. As they are water proof ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms etc. These demands a special fungicidal adhesive.

Felt pick up dust. However they could be vacuum cleaned. It could not be washed.

This is cork glued to backing paper to be hanged like wallpaper. There could even be tiles or panels to be glued on the wall; or it could be in the form of self-adhesive tiles. Cork looks best in natural colour. More suitable for heavy wear.


Polystyrene absorbs noise. But it could trap heat in buildings. Tiles usually measure 12 in/305 mm square and also available in 9 in/228 mm and 2 ft./610 mm squares could be painted. These are less suitable for walls. Some of them are flame proof.

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