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Flooring can be grouped into four classes.

01.Timber flooring - very attractive finish
02.Sheet flooring - hygienic finish
03.Tile flooring - economical
04.Jointless floors - most hygienic

01. Timber Flooring

The form of Timber Flooring could be

i. Strip Flooring
ii. Wood Block Flooring
iii. Parquet Flooring
iv. Wood Mosaic Flooring


Strip Flooring These are composed of narrow tongued & grooved hardwood boards secret nailed to timber joists.

Widths are:
Generally these are laid parallel to the length of the room. It is a good practice to leave open joints at every fifth or sixth board when flooring with these.


Wood Block Flooring The sizes of these are 225 x 75mm or 300 x 75mm & the thickness is 25mm consecutive tiles are joined using tongue & grove joints that are milled in the block. These are arranged in four patterns.

Herring Bone

Basket Weave

Double Herringbone

Brick Bond

Wood blocks can only be laid at a leveled concrete floor with an adhesive.


Parquet Flooring Looks similar to woodblocks. The reference is that these are shorter, wider and thicker. The typical size is 250 x 50 x 6mm. These may have a dovetailed recess worked along the lower edges into which the adhesive is squeezed when laying, to improve the bond to the floor. Laying pattern could either be herringbone or basket weave. Windsor pattern may also be there.

Windsor Pattern

Wood Mosaic Flooring These also look similar to Wood Block Flooring, yet mosaics are very small. The sizes are 115 x 25 & the thickness is 10mm. These are arranged in Herringbone or Basket Weave pattern and are mounted on aluminum foil to form panels of 450 x 450mm. These are bonded to concrete or timber floors using adhesives.

FloorsTimber flooring
  Sheet flooring
  Tile flooring
  Jointless floors

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